The ASB declares a Climate Emergency

>>> Posted by Admin - 15/07/2020

At our December 2019 Annual General Meeting, ASB members unanimously voted for the society to Declare a Climate Emergency. Current ASB President, Dr Adam Hill, has now signed the Climate Emergency Charter on behalf of the Society which commits the ASB to reducing carbon emissions produced from its activities. Going forward, the ASB will put in place policies to ensure that all ASB related transport, catering and events will incorporate carbon emission minimisation procedures.
As a result, the ASB will adopt new procedures that will be effective in reducing the Society’s carbon footprint. Such Procedures include those that deal with catering, travel, media and investment of ASB funds. The ASB Vice-President will undertake to monitor the effectiveness, where possible, of those procedures. More details on how this will be implemented are outlined in our Climate Emergency Plan document.

Assoc. Prof. Margaret Sunde receives the Bob Robertson Award

>>> Posted by Admin - 15/02/2020

At the 2019 ASB meeting, Associate Professor Margaret Sunde received the 2019 Bob Robertson Award. The award recognises excellence in biophysics research as well as biophysics teaching or service to the discipline. Margaret Sunde is a an Associate Professor in Pharmacology at the University of Sydney where she heads a research program focused on the structure and formation of functional amyloid structures in microorganisms. Dr Sunde was awarded the ASB Bob Robertson Award for her research on functional and non-functional fibrillar protein assemblies, in particular amyloids with a biological role in infection or immune evasion.

The ASB launches the Jan Anderson Carers Award

>>> Posted by Admin - 01/02/2020

At the recent 2019 ASB meeting the society has launched the Jan Anderson Carers Award with the intention to provide financial support to ASB members with primary caring responsibilities whilst they are attending scientific conferences. The award is named in honour of Prof Jan Anderson (1932-2015), one of the most internationally recognized Australian plant scientists, and was President of the Australian Society for Biophysics (1984-85).