Prof Mibel Aguilar receives the 2018 McAuley-Hope Award

>>> Posted by Admin - 09/12/2018

At the recent 2018 joint meeting of the Australian Society for Biophysics and the Asian Biophysics Association, Professor Mibel Aguilar was awarded the McAulay-Hope Prize for Original Biophysics. Prof Aguilar is a Biophysical Chemist at Monash University working across many disciplines and her current research is focused on biomembrane nanotechnology and peptidomimetic drug design, which she showcased in her talk entitled "Biomembrane Plasticity – what, how and why of membrane structure and function".

Life membership for Frances Separovic, Philip Kuchel and Cris dos Remedios

>>> Posted by Admin - 09/12/2018

At the 2018 ASB meeting, Frances Separovic, Philip Kuchel and Cris dos Remedios were awarded life membership of the Australian Society for Biophysics. All three are long standing members of the ASB and have been recipients of the Bob Robertson Award that recognises outstanding contributions to the field of biophysics in Australia and New Zealand.

Prof Separovic joined the ASB in 1979. Prof Separovic is a Biophysical Chemist at the University of Melbourne where is she leads a research group investigating biological membranes and their interactions with peptides and other macromolecules using NMR. Prof Separovic is also a 'Trailblazer for Women in Science'. In 2005, she became the first female chemistry professor in Victoria and in 2017 was recognised as a IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry. She is the current secretary of the Biophysical Society.

Prof Kuchel joined the ASB in 1984. Prof Kuchel is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Sydney and former Director of the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium A*STAR. Prof Kuchel is a biophysicist and physical biochemist working on molecular mechanisms of metabolic and membrane transport using NMR techniques. He has published over 370 papers and has made notable contributions to the use of NMR techniques to study biological systems as well as major contributions to mathematical modeling of metabolic pathways. Prof Kuchel's legacy also includes his numerous PhD students, many of whom are now leading research groups in Australia and elsewhere.

Prof Cris dos Remedios joined the ASB in 1978 and is a former president of the ASB. Prof dos Remedios is an an Emeritus Professor at the University of Sydney. His research is focused on the molecular basis of human heart failure. Prof dos Remedios is a former Chair of the National National for Biophysics at the Australian Academy of Science, has been a long serving member of the Executive of the US Biophysical Society, and Secretary-General of the IUPAB. He is also the current Editor-in-Chief of Biophysical Reviews.