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Congratulations to ASB Members Professor Marcela Bilek and Dr Joel Mackay.

The two top Science Prize Awards for scientists 35 years of age or younger, announced at the Prime Minister's Prize Award Reception last Tuesday evening during National Science Week, have gone to Australian Society of Biophysics members this year.

Dr Joel Mackay, an ARC Research Fellow in the Dept of Biochemistry at the University of Sydney, was awarded the prestigious 2002 $35,000 Minister's Prize for Achievement in the Life Sciences for his work on DNA transcription.  He previously got our ASB Young Investigator's Award in 1997.

Professor Marcela Bilek, Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Sydney was awarded the the prestigious 2002 $35,000 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Sciences for her work in the design and fabrication of new materials, composed of thin films of molecular dimensions, that have been put to work in leading-edge industrial and bio-medical applications.

Further details of the above awards, together with the Prime Minister's Prize to Professor Frank Fenner and two new science teaching awards for school teachers may be found on the following websites.

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Last updated on 14 November 2002